With the help of Google and it’s cloud services you can transfer data with no time. Loss. Transfer data includes apps, contacts, messages, media, events, passwords. With the help of Google services, you can even migrate Wifi passwords, sound profiles and much other important stuff.

Steps to follow are:

Go to setting apps in the old device and go to the backup option and reset or the backup and then the restoring page will open. Select Backup My Data then enable it if not enabled.
To ensure data is backed up properly by Google, open Google drives app on your phone and then go to the backup page by selecting the backup option from the left side. Search for the folder with your device name, it contains apps, contacts, call logs, messages, device settings.
Now hold your new Android device and sign-in in the device using the same credentials, and select ‘Restore from Backup’ options to restore all the data.
Google automatically will download all the apps that were present in your previous device, based on your preference.