Pune. Acharya Prashant, founder of Prashant Adwait Foundation and former civil service officer, has said that whoever adopts Geeta in his life, all the disorders, superstitions, fears and illusions within him will automatically end.
In the two-day Sant Sarita Conference organized at KCC College, Knowledge Park, Acharya Prashant said that the journey of our life starts without any purpose and ends without achieving any goal, we do not even know what we want to achieve. First know who you are and what you want, only then you can achieve something. He said that our world becomes as we are from within, but we do not change ourselves because to change ourselves we are not ready to take up the challenge.

Acharya Prashant said that our life is being spent in restlessness. As long as we are in sleep, we do not experience sorrow, but as soon as we wake up, we start feeling sorrow and all kinds of imaginary thoughts start arising, this is why it happens. That we live a life of unconsciousness, if we move forward with the right goal while remaining conscious, then the arising of fear, anxiety, insecurity, confusion, imaginary thoughts will automatically end and the path towards liberation will open.

He said that spirituality is a process of bringing life closer. Whoever adopts Geeta in his life becomes free from bondages. There are many subjects in the universe to search, we cannot search all the subjects, we have limited time, that is why we die in unfulfilled desires, we go out to search outside, whereas whatever we want is present within us, it is told to us. It doesn’t go, we don’t even introspect what we want? That is why our sages and saints have said that religion is the process of removing superstition. It is certain that those who are not religious will be superstitious.

He said that we remain restless to get something, whereas how do we know that the thing we are desperate to get will prove useful for us? Due to lack of self-knowledge and ego, we automatically decide that what we are saying will be right. First know and then get it, this is knowledge. Even in Geeta, in the sermon given by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjun, he had said that first know what is religion and what is unrighteousness, then even if one sacrifices one’s life for the sake of religion, there is no going back, this should be the aim of life.