Government is planning to increase the lock down for 15 days. As the risk is increasing the council of ministers discussed to increase the lock down till May 22 (Jestha 10). Yesterday 15 corona cases were confirmed in Nepalgunj which is the highest in Nepal for a single day infected numbers. As India has also increased the lock down til May 17 seeing the situation and Nepal is also having increase in the number of infected person it will not be goof to open lock down soon , as per information of sources. So the lock down may increase for two weeks.

The modality will be changed this time for lock down. The all 77 districts of Nepal will be divided in three zones, which are red, yellow and green . The red zone will be the high risk zone where are the corona infected person, the yellow zone will be where there are only persons in isolation and green zone will be where no cases and none are in isolation. According the zones seeing the the condition is coming days it will be implemented. It can be tight or little loose as per zones categorized as per information till now.