Recently, we can see there is hot discussions going on internet of Pooja Sharma and Sushma Karki. Fans of Pooja are posting different things on Suhma Karki in Tiktok and commenting various things over social medias. Sushma Karki recently came in Rishi Dhamala’s show “Janata Janna Chahanchhan” and said said that her fake fans are commenting negatives for Sushma Karki. She also said she said she don’t like Pooja Sharma in “Ramailo chha” interview, that was a funny interviw. Then again her fans started commenting on social media saying they are not fake and really support Pooja Sharma.

Actually this all started when the video of show “Ramailo Chha” got viral where the reporter had asked Sushma who’s her favorite actress, then the side actor who was present with Sushma Karki in the interview took the name of Pooja Sharma, then Sushma Karki laughed loudly and says yes she don’t likes. This video got so much viral in tiktok, then fans of Pooja Sharma started commenting on Sushma Karki supporting Pooja Sharma.

Pooja Sharma came live in Instagram and said to her fans that she is what due to her fans and she don’t know how to buy fans or comments. She has nothing to say much in this issue but want to say sorry if her fans got disturbed from this issue. In the live video she also talked with Aakash Shrestha, Barsha Raut and one of her best friend from Australia which lasted more than one hour.
Now need to see what happens further, but lets hope both actress take this wisely and settle the things quietly. Everyone wants to see actress uniting in good way.